10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (2023)

10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (1)

If you are a gaming nerd and appreciate playing old classic and console titles then this list of 10 best sites to download Wii ROMs for CEMU is exactly what you need to bookmark in your browser! Users can find out the list of the most popular ones along with details and links to download ROMs for free.

We have compiled for you many options.

If you wish to play Wii games and search for emulators then follow through to know all the details.

Table of Contents

  • 1 About Wii U ROMs for Cemu
    • 1.1 What you need to know about Cemu
  • 2 10 Best Websites that have Wii U ROMs for Cemu
    • 2.1 ROMs Download
    • 2.2 RomsPedia
    • 2.3 Download ROMs
    • 2.4 ROMs Forever
    • 2.5 RomsMania
    • 2.6 ROMs Mode
    • 2.7 Romulation
    • 2.8 Emu Paradise
    • 2.9 Ziperto
    • 2.10 ROMs Universe
  • 3 Conclusion: Which sites are you using for Wii U Cemu ROMs?

About Wii U ROMs for Cemu

This came into the market back in 2006 by Nintendo. It carries a 7-generation console.

Back in 2016, it gave tough competition to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

It introduced Wii remote controller which was able to detect movement in 3 different directions. The console is able to run games supplied to its optical device.

Wii mini the first console has been redesigned and the New-Style Super NES was released back in 2012. Since 2006 many things have been modified.

What you need to know about Cemu

This is abbreviated as Café Emulation. It was developed by Exzap; the closed-source Wii U video game console emulator.

This was released back in 2015 and the best thing was that it supported Microsoft Windows. Exzap serves as core and GPU developer and core and audio emulation developer for Petergov.

Now, since 2017 it has been good in running games that too in 4K resolution through graphic packs.

10 Best Websites that have Wii U ROMs for Cemu

10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (2)

ROMs Download

On this users can find many ROM games and emulators. It carries the following games:

  • Amiga 500, Commodore, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Neo Geo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Play station Portable, Super Nintendo and many others.

This is a good platform as it allows users to get their games without any hassle.

ROMs download platform carries a massive collection of emulators and popular games can be downloaded for free.

Make sure to have knowledge regarding the emulator which is compatible with the device. Just check the list from the site to see one which is most suitable.

Visit Site


It carries a massive collection of ROM games as well as emulators for free.

From it users can download games like Super Mario Galaxy, Spider-Man 3, Mortal Kombat – Deception, Mario Kart and many others.

It carries a simple-to-use interface and as you visit the site it is divided into sections such as ROMs, Bios, Help and Emulators.

To get ROM, just click on the desired title and click the “download” button.

It offers ROMs for mac, PC, iPhone as well as android so do visit it.

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Download ROMs

10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (3)

On this users can find the most popular Wii U ROMs games for download. For the users two option buttons are available; popular and alphabetical.

In a few seconds download your favorite game in few seconds.

If you hit the popular button then it shall display popular games available and if you hit the alphabetical button then it shall show them in alphabetical order.

It comes with a unique feature that users can vote for their favorite ROMs as well.

It carries a large section of ROMs as well as Nintendo Wii U Emulators. It is popular among users and is giving good competition to others.

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ROMs Forever

10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (4)

This one comes with top Nintendo 3DS games which have had a good improvement over the last generations. It has the mastery to make 3-dimensional space effects without the need for additional equipment.

The best emulator is Citra these days which is compatible with all the operating systems and devices.

SpotPass and Street Pass are important functions with which users can get connected via Nintendo Network Login. It carries a huge list of 3DS games.

It has the following popular games:

  • Super Mario 3D, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 7, Pokémon Sun and Moon and much more.

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This provides users with a huge collection of game ROMs and varieties of Nintendo Wii U Emulators. Moreover, users can also download BIOS for a popular game console needed for many Wii emulators.

On this users can play games online. In some time get your free emulator and ROMs from its site.

It provides users with sorting options, by entering keywords in the search bar they can find you’re their favorite Wii U ROMs.

Games that are downloaded carry a high resolution. So, download your favorite games and play them on your system with help of an emulator.

ROMs Mode

10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (5)

It carries a massive yet popular collection of such games. One of the best features is that it allows you to search for the game by just entering the keyword or title of ROM in the search box.

Another good feature is that from the website one can download ROMs as well emulators.

Users may sort names by region or genre. One needs to be aware that these games are converted into Nintendo Wii ISOs and synonyms as Wii ROMs.

These games can be downloaded from its mode platform all for free. Huge collections of good-quality games are available on the site.

Users can run games on any platform they are comfortable with such as android, PC, or even mac using a Nintendo Wii emulator.

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This is yet another option that is known for ROMs download and also offers users Nintendo and saga games. It lets users download party and multiplayer games.

It offers the following games:

  • Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Ashes Cricket 2009, Winter Sports 3, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess and many more.
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Keep in mind that the Dolphin Wii emulator is compatible with almost all Wii games. You need to have Dolphin Wii Emulator if you are playing dolphin.

This is quite a big platform that offers users many games all free to download. The best thing is that you can check the number of download sizes which is quite useful.

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Emu Paradise

10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (6)

This option carries almost millions of ROMs, ISOS and games which can be downloaded along with emulators.

This site is quite prominent and has a number of good games. It is quite a popular site among users.

When users visit its site, they shall find each expectation being covered by its platform ideally. It has all categories from games, game magazines, music, and video games to TV episodes.

The best thing about this one is that it carries almost 40% more games as compared to other options on the list.

This is a renowned site for games and game lovers love it.


This one offers users different platforms which are related to PC games, Playstation, Emulator and many others. It carries a user-friendly interface. This site is deemed to be an all-rounder for all the ROMs needed.

It has a huge variety of ROMs such as GBA, ROMs, N64, NDS and many others on Ziperto. The website is an amalgam of many platforms due to which it has gained a lot of popularity among users.

It is quite easy yet simple to use. Just download the games for free and enjoy playing them.

Navigate to this site if you are in search of emulators.

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ROMs Universe

10 Best Websites For Downloading Cemu Wii U Roms in 2023 - DekiSoft (7)

If you want to play retro games then this one is the best choice to have. It provides users the option to download game ROMs, and good emulators available on its site for free.

The best thing is that it is fully equipped with tools that are needed for video games classic yesteryear. To search the ROM just enter the keyword in the search bar. It comes with a great user interface.

It carries around 109 ROM systems and 63 emulators. This is a platform that hard cord gamers dream to have. These play games from the last decade and even modern ones with high-resolution quality.

We are sure that some emulators and ROMs shall be able to work on the hardware you are currently using.

Conclusion: Which sites are you using for Wii U Cemu ROMs?

ROMs are a great way to enjoy games on various devices. Wii U was one of the best consoles I ever owned when I was a kid. I have now put together a list of the best websites from where you can download Wii U ROMs for Cemu. Enjoy!

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