Staten Island Mall Operating Hours [Updated 2022] (2023)

A collection of Staten Island Mall’s essential hours is provided in the article. In addition, there is a list of their opening and closing times and their service times for breakfast and lunch meals.

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Staten Island Mall Operating Hours:

Staten Island Mall Hours:

Monday11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Tuesday11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Wednesday11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Thursday11:00 am – 07:00 pm
Friday11:00 am – 08:00 pm
Saturday11:00 am – 08:00 pm
Sunday11:00 am – 06:00 pm

Staten Island Mall Opening Hours:

Almost every morning, including on weekends, the Staten Island Mall opens its doors at 11:00 am. Staten Island Mall serves a delicious and healthy breakfast to their customers early in the morning. Such an early start to the day is always welcomed.

Staten Island Mall Closing Hours:

From Monday through Thursday, the Staten Island Mall closed its restaurants afternoon at 7:00 pm, and on Friday and Saturday, it closed at 8:00 pm. On Sunday, it closed early at 6:00 pm.

Customers are served between eight and nine hours a day. Staten Island Mall offers a wide variety of food throughout the day. Feel free to stop by whenever you’re hungry between these hours.

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Staten Island Mall Weekend Hours:

You can enjoy your meal at Staten Island Mall stores open wide on weekends. Finding Staten Island Mall locations on the weekend is the best part of the weekend that you may enjoy your time. It’s always a treat to consume delicious meals at Staten Island Mall. At Staten Island Mall, you might be able to meet up with friends or family for the perfect weekend meal.

Staten Island Mall Saturday Hours:

On Saturdays and throughout the week, you can stop by the Staten Island Mall. From 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, diners can enjoy their favorite meals. These times are ideal for preparing your favorite meal, and they will be appetizing and flavorful. Whatever you choose, it will be enjoyable and pleasing.

Staten Island Mall Sunday Hours:

You can enjoy your meal in several stores in Staten Island Mall on Sundays from 11:00 am – 06:00 pm. Staten Island Mall locations are always more challenging to find during the weekend than during other times. Delicious dining options are available at this mall. The Staten Island Mall might accommodate a family or friends for a Sunday meal.

Staten Island Mall Holiday Hours:

There may be different policies and rules for restaurants regarding handling holidays. The Staten Island Mall is closed on some public holidays, even though they primarily cater to their customers.

  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

Staten Island Mall will also be open on a few other notable holidays. Here are the most notable:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Black Friday
  • Labor’s Day
  • Cyber Monday
  • Independence Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • New Year’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Bad Friday
  • Good Friday
  • Black Friday
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • President’s Day

Staten Island Mall Lunch Hours:

Staten Island Mall switches from serving breakfast to serving lunch when it stops serving breakfast. Therefore, during the lunch hour, lunch menus are available. Among the delicious lunch options available in the Staten Island Mall after 1:00 pm is a variety of tasty fast food and other options. You can also enjoy a meal with friends and family at the Staten Island Mall for lunch.

Staten Island Mall Breakfast Hours:

The Staten Island Mall serves breakfast till 11:00 am. Customers can grab breakfast there between 11:00 am and 01:00 pm. However, the restaurant can still serve breakfast after these hours. The best menu items for breakfast are available at Staten Island Mall to start your new and exciting day.

Staten Island Mall Drive-Thru Hours:

Staten Island Mall has a drive-thru, so you can order your food from there on the spot. This service makes it extremely convenient. Throughout the day, the drive-thru at Staten Island Mall is available from 12:00 pm to 07:00 pm. There is also a drive-through service at Staten Island Mall during these hours, so you can order food while you wait from your car.

Staten Island Mall Christmas Eve Hours:

The night before Christmas, Staten Island Mall serves its customers the best meals possible on Christmas Eve. Enjoy a delicious meal at Staten Island Mall with your family and friends when you take advantage of this deal. On a related note, you might also want to check out the Staten Island Mall Christmas Eve schedule. During the Christmas season, the Staten Island Mall may have reduced hours.

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Staten Island Mall Christmas Hours:

Considering it is a federal holiday on Christmas Day, Staten Island Mall does not serve food on holiday. However, it is possible to eat Christmas dinner at other restaurants during this special evening. In addition, you can enjoy a meal at the Staten Island Mall after Christmas when it reopens.

Staten Island Mall Store Hours:

There are no special hours for Staten Island Mall restaurants. Shopper’s stores follow the lunch and dinner hours of the restaurants at the mall. Customers began arriving at 11:00 am, and the restaurant served them until 07:00 or 08:00 pm. Certain store owners’ operating hours could have changed because of local rules and regulations.

Staten Island Mall New Years Eve Hours:

Staten Island Mall remains open on New Year’s Eve, even though it is a holiday. The celebration of such an important day can be a time to get together with family and friends over food. The Staten Island Mall may change its schedule for the night of New Year’s Eve. For those planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Staten Island Mall, you must check their opening hours.

Staten Island Mall New Years Hours:

Several restaurants open on Staten Island Mall on New Year’s Day to serve you wonderful food. Most Staten Island Mall locations are open during their regular operating hours, but for more details about your local mall location, check their website or call ahead.

Staten Island Mall Labor Day Hours:

Labor Day is a great time to celebrate eating yummy Labor Day meals at Staten Island Mall. During Labor Day weekend, nothing will change at the Staten Island Mall. So those who find themselves hungry can get a bite to eat at the Staten Island Mall, where there are plenty of delicious options.

Staten Island Mall Black Friday Hours:

Also, Staten Island Mall customers can enjoy some of the best Black Friday food. The Staten Island Mall offers a variety of delicious foods for you and your family to enjoy. It’s a sure-fire way to have a great time! There will be drastically fewer hours open at Staten Island Mall during Black Friday. Please speak to your local retailers for details.

Staten Island Mall Thanksgiving Hours:

Customers and fans will not be served Thanksgiving meals at the Staten Island Mall outlet on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday, so the Staten Island Mall will be closed, but it will reopen the day after the holiday.

Staten Island Mall Easter Sunday Hours:

There is a Staten Island Mall nearby you regularly, so you can dine there with your family, friends, and beloved ones on Easter Sunday. In addition, Staten Island Mall is open to serve you on Easter Sunday, so you can enjoy tasty and delicious fast food Easter Sunday with your family and friends.

About Staten Island Mall:

Services Offered By Staten Island Mall:

Staten Island Mall offers a variety of services in addition to daily meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Food items can also be purchased from the mall.

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So, you can always enjoy whatever meal or food you want whenever you like. There are no happy hours at the Staten Island Mall, but prices are already competitive prices, and some locations may offer specials to their customers during happy hours.

Staten Island Mall Customer Support:

Customers Support Number: 718-494-8602

Staten Island Mall Social Accounts:

Facebook Account:

Instagram Account:

Twitter Account:

Staten Island Mall Near Me:

Link to Find Location Near You:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Time Does Staten Island Mall Open & Close?

Staten Island Mall has a set menu that can be ordered at particular times, and the food is served to visitors at those times. At the Staten Island Mall, the hours of operation range from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Their customer service has lasted almost 08 hours. While these hours are open, Staten Island Mall’s menu is accessible for order, so you can grab a meal with your family and friends.

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Is Staten Island Mall Available on Independence Day?

Independence Day will be a great day for people to visit Staten Island Mall since it will be open. A day this important can be celebrated with loved ones. This may mean that Staten Island Mall’s midnight services will be altered in the near future. You should check the opening hours of a Staten Island Mall near you if you plan to shop on Black Friday.

Does Staten Island Mall Offer Any Happy Hours?

Customers can also participate in happy hours at Staten Island Mall as part of the mall’s customer service. During Staten Island Mall’s Happy Hour, the start time is 4:00 pm and the end time is 7:00 pm.

During nearly three hours, you will be able to take part in a happy hour at Staten Island Mall. In addition, you can take the benefit of Staten Island Mall’s happy hour during these hours to receive special discounts.

What Time Does Staten Island Mall Stop Serving Breakfast?

Breakfast at Staten Island Mall is served until roughly 01:00 pm. The lunch menu is served between 11:00 am and the afternoon during the lunch service. The Staten Island Mall is still serving breakfast until 01:00 pm, but you will have to act quickly because they only provide it for four hours.

When Does Staten Island Mall Serve Lunch?

The Staten Island Mall offers a selection of tasty lunch selections that you can pick from during your lunch break. With this new lunch menu, you can walk into the Staten Island Mall after 1:00 pm and select the lunch meal of your preference from a range of tasty offerings. If you give yourself enough time to enjoy your lunch, it will be an opportunity you’ll never overlook.

How Long Does Staten Island Mall Serve Breakfast

In the Staten Island Mall, breakfast is not served all day; visitors can purchase breakfast items from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm during breakfast hours. Breakfast is served from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm. Staten Island Mall offers a satisfying breakfast between these hours if you are awake.


The article’s conclusion is now in sight. To summarize, Staten Island Mall is closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day as these are declared as national holidays. Its hours were also mentioned earlier.

Before you go, you should check if a Staten Island Mall location is near you. Moreover, the article above also includes a description of Staten Island Mall’s breakfast and lunch timings.


Can I bring my dog to Staten Island Mall? ›

Offering a variety of stores, services, restaurants, and entertainment options, The Mall at Short Hills is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike and small dogs are welcome. Dog stroller rentals make it easy for you and your pup to explore the mall's offerings.

How much is the Staten Island Mall worth? ›

What is the market value for Staten Island Mall? The market value* for Staten Island Mall in 2022-2023 was $351,325,300.

How big is the Staten Island Mall? ›

Chicago-based real estate trust General Growth Properties—which owns and operates 200 malls nationwide, including the 85-acre Staten Island Mall located at 2655 Richmond Avenue—plans to transform the borough's largest and only indoor shopping center into a 1.6 million-square-foot megamall.

Is Mall of America pet friendly? ›

Service Animals

Only animals trained to assist persons with disabilities are permitted within Mall of America.

Is Roosevelt Field Mall dog friendly? ›

Is Roosevelt Field pet friendly? Yes, dogs are allowed here.

Who owns the Staten Island Mall? ›

The mall is owned by Brookfield Properties of Chicago, Illinois, itself a division of Brookfield Asset Management, whose U.S. operations are based in Manhattan. The mall has 200 stores employing approximately 3,000 people. Anchor tenants include JCPenney, Macy's, Lidl, and Primark.

How old is the Staten Island Mall? ›

Does Staten Island have an airport? ›

The nearest airport to Staten Island is Newark (EWR) Airport which is 9.1 miles away. Other nearby airports include New York Skyports Seaplane Base (NYS) (14.8 miles), New York JFK (JFK) (19.7 miles), New York La Guardia (LGA) (20.4 miles) and White Plains (HPN) (42.1 miles).

Is parking free at Staten Island Mall? ›

There is no free parking near Staten Island Mall.

When did Staten Island Mall open? ›

What time does the Staten Island ferry close? ›

The Ferry runs 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. More frequent service, (every 15 or 20 minutes,) is provided on the weekdays during the rush hours of 6:00AM- 9:30AM and 3:30PM-8:00PM, with 30-minute service to follow. On weekends, service is provided every 30 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can you bring a backpack to the mall? ›

Sure can! Ive never heard of any malls having rules against carrying backpacks. Most stores inside the mall also won't be bothered by you carrying your backpack, you're a potential customer at the end of the day.

Can dogs walk around the mall? ›

Most outdoor malls allow well-behaved dogs on a leash in the common areas, while some stores allow dogs on a leash or in a carrier to come inside. Before taking your pet to a shopping mall, make sure you know the rules of the individual mall. Simon Premium Outlets offers 65 pet friendly shopping malls nationwide.

Are dogs allowed in stores in MN? ›

If you live to shop, you'll be happy to know that many high-end boutiques and major retailers in Minnesota welcome well-behaved pets in their stores. Browse through our pet friendly shopping directory for a list of our favorites in Minnesota.

Is Florida Mall pet friendly? ›

Outlet shopping at it's best, with 150 stores in a beautiful open-air setting. Leashed dogs are allowed in the common areas.

Is Sawgrass Mills pet friendly? ›

No pets (except service animals). Engaging in non-commercial expressive activity not sponsored by the center is prohibited. Smoking except in designated areas is prohibited. No loitering.

Are dogs allowed at Fashion Valley Mall? ›

The policy at Fashion Valley is that only service animals are allowed, insisted a representative, even after it was noted that it's usually awash with dogs on leashes, in designer purses or specially outfitted doggy strollers.

What is being built in the Staten Island Mall parking lot? ›

The construction included:
  • A 1,000 stall, three level precast parking garage.
  • 300,000 SF expansion of the existing mall.
  • Construction of the outdoor plaza.
  • Creation of the home of the Staten Island Mall Food District, which houses entertainment anchors Dave and Busters, as well as AMC Theaters and numerous other retailers.

How much is a taxi from JFK to Staten Island? ›

The quickest way to get from New York JFK Airport (JFK) to Staten Island is to taxi which costs $150 - $180 and takes 38 min.

Where is Miller Field Staten Island? ›

New Dorp

Where was the Staten Island Airport? ›

One of them was Staten Island Airport, located on the east side of Richmond Avenue, south of Richmond Hill Road. Staten Island Airport was the largest privately owned airfield in the city, with more than 250 acres. It was located just across the road from another former airport, Donovan-Hughes Airport.

Is there free parking at Empire Outlets? ›

The general daily maximum at the Empire Outlets garage is $25 for up to 24 hours; parking rates start at $5 for three hours and go up to $10 for 5 hours and $15 for 10 hours.

Does Staten Island Ferry have free parking? ›

There is no free parking near Staten Island Ferry - St. George Terminal.

What time does Colonie close? ›

SUNDAY11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

How can I go to Statue of Liberty for free? ›

Staten Island Ferry

Since the service is completely free, this is a great option for viewing the Statue of Liberty up close. The ferry route brings you directly across New York Harbor and right by the statue and Ellis Island. Pros: Of all the free options, the ferry has the best and closest view of the statue.

How is Staten Island Ferry free? ›

Using MetroCard fare cards, passengers from Manhattan can exit a subway or bus on Whitehall Street, take the ferry for free, and have a free second transfer to a train or bus at St. George. Conversely, passengers from Staten Island can freely transfer to a subway or bus in Manhattan after riding the ferry.

What is Staten Island famous for? ›

Staten Island is most well-known for its green park spaces, museums and historical buildings. It is often considered the “borough of parks” because of its numerous natural spaces. Notable parks include Clove Lakes, High Rock Park, Greenbelt and Lemon Creek Park.

Can I bring my dog on the Staten Island Ferry? ›

The Staten Island Ferry does not carry cars. Pets, other than service animals as defined by the American with Disabilities Act, are not allowed in the facilities and/or on the ferry boats, unless they are caged and/or muzzled. Free Wi-Fi service is available at both terminals.

Are dogs allowed on Ferry NYC? ›

Only service animals are allowed on board. Dogs, with the exception of trained service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are not permitted on NYC Ferry vessels unless they are in a pet carrier and/or muzzled.

Can you take dog in Ferry? ›

Ferries typically offer two options for taking your dog abroad. Firstly, they may be locked in your car on the cargo hold during your journey. Alternatively, they may be placed into the on-board kennels. Not all ferries offer both services, and there is typically a charge for either option.

Are dogs allowed on Governors Island? ›

We are sorry, pets are not permitted on Governors Island. Exception: Service animals with a State or New York City recognized service animal license are welcome. Please call 212-440-2200 for more information.

How can I see the Statue of Liberty for free? ›


This waterfront park in New Jersey is just across the river from Lower Manhattan. This park offers the closest free view of the Statue of Liberty from the land. You can get there easily by public transportation. There is a ferry that departs from Lower Manhattan.

How is Staten Island Ferry free? ›

Using MetroCard fare cards, passengers from Manhattan can exit a subway or bus on Whitehall Street, take the ferry for free, and have a free second transfer to a train or bus at St. George. Conversely, passengers from Staten Island can freely transfer to a subway or bus in Manhattan after riding the ferry.

Can dogs go to Statue of Liberty? ›

The two best ways to see the Statue of Liberty reis on a paid visit to the island or from the Staten Island ferry. While dogs are not allowed on Liberty Island, ruling out the first option, the Staten Island ferry allows dogs and is also free.

Can dogs ride the subway in NYC? ›

Dogs can ride on New York City buses and New York City subways, but they have to be in containers and can't be a nuisance to other passengers. That's relatively easy if you have a small dog, with large dogs it's a bit more challenging!

Are there bathrooms on NYC Ferry? ›

Pro-Tip: All NYC Ferries have a restroom located in the back of the vessel, just before the door to exit to the top deck.

How long is the Staten Island ferry ride? ›

The Staten Island Ferry

Travel time is approximately 25 minutes. During rush hour trips the ferries are packed. This is not a good time to take a leisurely ride. The service is FREE!

How much does a pet passport cost? ›

The price to obtain a US Pet Passport in 2022 is not set in stone. A pet passport can cost as little as $100 or as much as $1,000. The cost ranges drastically depending on which accredited vet clinic youvisit and which country you are traveling to.

Can you stay in car with dog on ferry? ›

Most crossings require your dog to remain in your vehicle or one of the ferry's kennels and we have teamed up with the RSPCA to help make sure that wherever your dog spends his time, his experience is a positive and enjoyable one.

Can you stay in car on ferry? ›

If you are wondering if can you stay in your vehicle on a ferry the answer in most cases is no. Once the vessel starts with crossing, you will not be allowed onto the car parking deck as most of the large car ferries for safety reasons, do not allow passengers to stay in their cars.

Can you smoke on Governors Island? ›

No smoking on the island. Pets and alcohol are not permitted (though alcohol can be purchased and consumed in designated areas). Visitors can bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks. Grilling is not permitted on the island.

Can you drink alcohol on Governors Island? ›

Visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol, but it can be purchased and consumed in specific areas.

Do people live on Governors Island? ›

The Island is currently home to year-round tenants including the New York Harbor School, a public high school focused on maritime and STEM education, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Arts Center, an artist residency program and public gallery, overnight residency programs from Shandaken Projects and the Institute ...


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